House Plants for a Cooler Room

Posted: 12 November 2023

Author: Luke

Rising energy prices are impacting us all. Turning down the thermostat is something that all of us are doing in order to keep our energy bills from spiralling. Many of our wonderful house plants like warmth but there are also a good selection that will thrive in a cooler environment.

Sansevieria – ‘Snake Plant’ 

While most sansevieria thrive best in bright indirect light and in spaces on the warmer side, they can tolerate medium to low light conditions and handle lower temperatures. Thus making it the perfect plant for almost anywhere in your home. They work really well as a small statement plant on a shelf, or as a large specimen adorning the corner of your living room.

Top Tip: Cactus & Succulent Compost is best for this house plant, as it offers more drainage.

Just starting out? The Snake Plant is relatively easy to care for, and a great beginner house plant. They like to dry out between waterings (this will help to avoid root-rot), so you needn’t worry about keeping to a strict schedule. They’re pretty tolerant to drought too, which is really handy for when you’re busy (and forget – whoops!), making this type of Sansevieria an all-round favourite.

Aspidistra – ‘Cast Iron Plant’

The Aspidistra is one of the best house plants for tolerating low temperatures, and low light. It’s one of those versatile plants that can go where others can’t.

Water the Aspidistra when the top of the compost has dried out, this will become more infrequent during the winter months. Don’t allow the compost to become waterlogged, as like the Sansevieria, the Aspidistra doesn’t bode well in too damp conditions. 

Indoor Cyclamen

Indoor Cyclamen are a perfect addition to your home during the winter, offering an array of pink, red and white blooms to brighten up any room. They thrive best in bright, indirect light in a cool spot. Be careful of positioning in a warm room, as this can encourage earlier dormancy. 

These frilly florals are a wonderful gifting plant. A good sign that it’s going to flower for longer is to choose one with lots of buds. Keep an eye out in our house plant section over the coming weeks, we’ll have plenty to choose from! Alongside lots of lovely decorative pot covers.

Top Tip: Stand your Indoor Cyclamen in a shallow tray to water from the bottom. Do this until the soil is moist. Watering with a watering can cause the leaves to dampen, which in turn can encourage mildew to develop.

Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera is another relatively easy house plant to care for that offers a similar appeal to the Sansevieria. It’s a great air purifier too! 

Position in a space that offers plenty of bright natural light, a window usually works well for this. This plant is relatively slow growing, but a sure sign that it needs repotting is when you can see the roots making their way out of the pots drainage holes. 

Aloe Vera tends to prefer soil on the drier side to avoid root-rot, so it’s best to allow it to dry at least 1-2 inches of the soil before watering again.

Top Tip: Cactus & Succulent Compost is best for this house plant, as it offers more drainage.

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