Environmental Impact Policies

Here at Smith’s we are committed to reducing our environmental impact wherever we can. 

As part of this, we have a number of policies in place to help us reach our goals and to ultimately improve the way we do things for the good of the planet.

Peat Free Policy

As part of reducing our environmental impact, we aim to increase our range of peat free composts and make the switch on our nurseries to offer a more sustainable way of gardening to our loyal customers.

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We recycle and reuse as much as we possibly can to reduce our outgoing waste. We have multiple processes in place to help us achieve our recycling goals which you can read more about here.

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Sustainable Product Sourcing

When buying in products, whether they are plants or shop goods, we always try to source responsibly. Our main factors include British Grown, British Made, Eco-Credentials and Peat Free.

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Sustainable Packaging

Whether it's sourcing products with environmentally friendly packaging or growing our own plant stock, we always try to make sure the packaging is as sustainable and responsible as possible.

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