Peat Free Policy

Here at Smith’s we are committed to reducing our environmental impact wherever we can. 

As part of this, we aim to increase our range of peat free composts to offer a more sustainable way of gardening to our loyal customers.

We accept that peat based composts are an excellent way to grow plants, but putting the environment first will always be our priority. 

Making the switch to peat free couldn’t be easier, we recommend using a slow release fertiliser such as Vitax Q4 or Miracle-Gro All Purpose mixed in with the peat free composts to give them longer lasting nutrients. Peat Free composts can tend to leak nutrients quicker than peat based alternatives and so having granulated feed suspended in the mix can give your plants the best chance at performing well.

The best performing peat free compost we have used is Melcourts Sylvagrow. This mixture has a higher loam content than most peat free mixtures and is the closest to a peat based compost mix.

As well as supplying an extensive range of peat free composts, we are committed to growing all of our perennial, shrub and bedding stock in peat free compost. With the volume of stock we produce, it’s within our best interests to reduce our environmental impact in as many areas as possible. We will continue to refine our processes and get the best possible peat free alternative we can to be able to offer a high quality end product.

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