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Here at Smith’s we have been growers and horticulturalists for nearly 80 years. In that time we have now progressed in to our 4th generation of the Smith family since starting with the company, E.W. Smith & Son, owned by Eric Smith (1st Generation) and Pete Smith (2nd Generation).

Our nurseries are split in to two with annual bedding production on one side of the garden centre and hardy plant production on the other. Our two nurseries ran by Ade and Matt feed the garden centre with incredible, British, homegrown stock.

Annual Bedding Production

From Violas and Pansies right through to Geraniums, Begonias and Marigolds we produce a product of stunning quality to add splashes of seasonal colour to your garden.

Bedding production will usually start off with Violas and Pansies during the colder months of the year to keep your garden looking happy throughout Winter. An endless supply of pots and trays are filled with professional growers compost and then fed in to the greenhouses ready for all of the tiny plant plugs to be grown in. As one batch of plants begin to grow, the next is started a couple of weeks later to stagger the growing periods making sure the supply of Violas and Pansies last the season.

Annual Bedding

As the Winter bedding production comes to an end, Spring is just around the corner. The focus shifts to Primroses and Polyanthus to help your garden look fabulous until May when the Summer Bedding production is well under way.

As Summer comes, usually a lot quicker than we expect, a vast array of bedding plants bloom in to flower. Summer bedding plants fill our bedding hall with a constant feed from late April right through to July and early August. These plants are used in hanging baskets, pots and borders which define the very meaning of Summer.

Annual Bedding

As another season ends, the tidy up begins. All of our greenhouses are swept through and treated for any pests and diseases to make sure our growing areas are kept immaculate. By doing so our growing conditions remain perfect and allow us to produce the highest quality product year on year.

Before you know it, the cycle repeats itself and the Violas and Pansies come back in to play ready for the colder months.

Hardy Nursery Stock

Matt and Sue are usually found on the far side of our garden centre tending to our hardy plant stock. The barebones of any garden will start with Matt where he produces alpines, shrubs, roses and trees that will give structure and depth to any outdoor space.

During the Winter, Matt and Sue will begin potting things like bare root roses and tend to hedging plants. As the sound of Spring approaches in the distance, the hard work begins. They work tirelessly to pot and care for all of the amazing perennials and alpines we sell during Spring & Summer.

As an independent garden centre, keeping our benches stocked with our home-grown produce allows us to control the quality of each plant. If plants struggle to come back from a pest or disease, we place them back in to the nursery to be cared for. Every time we do this we can reduce waste and even grow them on to be bigger plants for the next season. This process also applies to any stock that doesn’t sell. Unlike annual bedding plants that die off each season, hardy plants and shrubs will live year on year. This allows us to keep growing all the plants we have from the start which eventually leaves us with some much larger shrubs to give you instant effect in the garden.

Hardy Stock

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