November Gardening Tips

Posted: 13 November 2023

Author: Luke

Empty Bird Baths & Water Features 

To prevent cracking and damage over winter, it is best to empty and store any bird baths and water features. If the water collects, freezes and expands, it is likely to crack the bird bath or water feature and cause irreparable damage. If you can, empty them out and store them in a cool, dry place over winter, such as a garage or shed.

To keep the birds happy and hydrated, you can replace your normal bird bath with a less expensive alternative such as a dish or container filled with water. 

Caring for your cut Christmas Tree

Give your tree a fresh cut at the base of the trunk when you get home. This will help the tree take up water, and keep it looking fresher for longer. Top up the water inside your tree stand once a week.

Keep your cut tree away from any radiators, unless they’re switched off.

Wrap up Tree Ferns 

Tree Ferns are not native to the UK, and need some extra care and attention in order to tolerate the British winter. Fill the crown of your Tree Fern with hay or straw to prevent water collecting and freezing in this area. Tie together any fronds that remain and wrap them in frost fabric to protect them from frost. If your fronds have already died off you can prune them at the base.  

Plant any remaining bulbs

Now is your last chance to plant any Spring flowering bulbs before the ground freezes. If you haven’t already, be sure to plant any remaining Tulips, Narcissus, Alliums, or Snowdrops before the end of the month. 

Look out for temperatures below -5°C

Harsh frosts can cause damage to some more tender varieties of shrubs. Plants such as Cordylines, Acers, and Bananas would all benefit from a layer of fleece fabric over the winter. 

Mulch the bases of trees and shrubs

Not only does mulching the base of plants give them a good feed, it also protects their roots during winter. Use Farmyard Manure for mulching and feeding, or bark/composted bark if you’ve already completed an Autumn/Winter feed on your plants. 

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