Choosing Your Real Christmas Tree

Posted: 13 November 2023

Author: Luke

There really is nothing like having a real Christmas tree to give that nostalgic Christmassy feeling. Opting for a real tree takes some consideration but it really is worth the effort. 

Choosing your tree can become a tradition the whole family can enjoy, Christmas trees are like people, each one is individual.

Decide what size of tree is suitable for your home, measure the ceiling height and available space in the room you will be displaying your tree, remember to account for the height of your stand.

Norway Spruce and Blue Spruce offer a traditional look and feel with a good shape and fragrance but are not ideal for those with small children or pets due to the sharp needles.

Fraser Fir is ideal for a narrow space. This option is non-drop so would work well for a family.

Nordmann Fir, the most popular Christmas tree within the UK, has a symmetrical cone shape, good needle retention, a subtle aroma and strong branches, making it ideal for large and heavier decorations. They can be quite wide and bushy so may suit a bigger space.

  • Look for a slight stickiness to the trunk when checking for freshness.  
  • Check the needles, fresh pine needles should bend and not break but you wouldn’t expect the needle of a fresh fir to snap.  
  • Tap your tree on the ground by the cut base, expect a few needles to fall but avoid trees that drop lots of needles.  
  • Think, the greener the better. 

Once home, cut around half an inch from the bottom of the trunk and place it into water as soon as possible, this helps your tree hold onto its needles for longer.

Ensure the water is topped up regularly, expect to water your tree several times especially during the first few days whilst it adjusts to your home.

Avoid positioning your tree in hot spots, like next to the fire or a radiator, your tree will thrive in a cool dry position.

Finally, the best part… choose your decorations and enjoy getting creative!

Our cut Christmas Trees are usually available to buy in the last week of November.

If you have any enquiries drop us a message!

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