Meet The Team – Nancy

Posted: 11 October 2023

Author: Luke

Nancy is one of the lovely members of our shop team and has been with us for almost 10 years! She’s always ready to help with your purchase or query. And like Katy, Nancy absolutely loves to say hello to your furry friends. 

Nancy is always getting stuck in with our seasonal events, you’ll find her as part of the Pumpkin Carving crew later this month! 

Nancy’s Favourite Outdoor Plant:

Robinia Twisty Baby, and not just for the fun name. It offers architecture in the winter and a beautiful canopy during the summer. The unusual curly leaves and branches are a sure way to add a feature shrub to your border. She has one of these in her garden at home, and has kindly photographed it to share:

Nancy’s Favourite House Plant:

Nancy’s favourite house plant has got to be the Asparagus Fern. Also known to Nancy and her family as the Piano Plant. It often reminds her of her grandmother as she always had one on the piano and no one knew what it was called – and thus the Piano Plant was born! 

Asparagus Ferns look quite delicate, but are fairly easy to care for. If you’re looking for something to add airy texture to a space, this is the plant for you. Just watch out for them climbing – if you’ve visited us recently, you may have seen one of ours reaching for the ceiling.

Nancy’s Favourite Autumnal Decoration:

It can be so hard to choose a favourite, Nancy loves all of the Halloween and Autumn Decor we’ve had in recently! She would love a collection of the knitted and ceramic pumpkins to display on a wooden tray on her dining table. 

Nancy’s Top Tip for the Autumn/Winter Season:

Don’t forget to fleece your Acers.

If you have any enquiries drop us a message!

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