December is a busy time for everyone

Posted: 4 May 2020

Author: Smith's Garden Centre

December is a busy time for everyone. Whether you’re organizing a family get together or creating a garden light display to rival the Eiffel Tower, there’s a lot to do and not many daylight hours to do it in!

One of the fun things to do in December is purchase a Christmas tree, and we have a range of sizes and types to suit you. The most popular day to purchase a tree is the second Saturday in December, which is the 14th this year. You might want to plan your visit accordingly, as it may be busy on that day! We can advise you on the best ways to keep your tree fresh for as long as possible, and have a range of decorations to suit your style and colour scheme. Pop in and pick up the perfect tree for you!

In the garden, keep clearing any fallen leaves, as slugs and snails love the warm damp conditions that wet leaves create, and you don’t want to make them too comfy! It also helps to keep paths, decking and patios clear so they don’t get slimy underfoot.

Keep any bird feeders topped up, and access to water is especially important, so make sure any bird baths haven’t frozen over. Birds are your friend in the garden, and really help to control bugs and pests, so give them a good reason to keep returning to your garden!

Speaking of wildlife, you can create a winter shelter with a simple log pile in the corner of your garden. And if you have fish in your pond, put a rubber ball in the water before it freezes so that you can remove it when the water freezes and create a breathing hole.

Dig over empty borders and dormant veg patches, preparing the soil for the spring. Continue to perform maintenance around the garden to structures, fences, sheds etc. And give the greenhouse a thorough clean out. Wash everything (you can buy horticultural disinfectant) thoroughly. Clean, oil and sharpen any tools, and let your nearest and dearest know if you would like any replaced as a Christmas present idea!

Your lawn isn’t quite as hardy as you think. Try not to walk over the grass if it’s covered with frost. And if it’s mild, consider another run over the lawn with the mower at it’s highest setting. But only if it’s mild!

If you get snowfall, brush any snow from the top of the greenhouse or coldframes to stop damage to the glass. The same goes for hedges, shrubs and trees – a heavy snowfall can weigh down branches, causing splits and breaks.

Finally, plan your planting and vegetable patch for next year. What worked well this year, or what new challenges would you like to try next? Start planning, and come and talk to us if you need guidance and advice.

Whatever your plans for December, we do wish you the very best of the season, and for a healthy, prosperous New Year!

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