Smith’s Favourite Early Flowering Trees

Posted: 29 February 2024

Author: Luke

As we say goodbye to winter we all start to think about the warmer weather and spending time in our gardens. The perfect way to add a spark of early annual colour and say goodbye to the dark days of winter is with an early flowering tree.

The blossom signals that spring is on the way. The fresh start is here once again and it is time to get busy with the garden again.

It’s not just about spring though, we love how hard these trees work for us throughout the seasons. They add a different colour and texture as we head into the autumn, many producing stunning red, purple and orange leaves. Even in the winter months the different bark textures still create interest in the garden. 

And don’t forget our garden wildlife and pollinators will thank you for the food, and habitat created by planting a tree. In our opinion a small tree is a great addition to any garden and they are relatively easy to look after.

The Smith’s team have handpicked their personal favourites for Spring. These trees are always at the top of our list, whether they’re being planted in our own gardens or as recommendations for our customers.

Amelanchier ‘Robin Hill’

This particular tree adapts well to partial shade and moist soil conditions. It is also great throughout the seasons as it flowers on a bare stem first before coming into green leaf. During the later months of the year, Amelanchier Robin Hill offers autumn hues with yellow and orange leaves. It’s well-suited for clay soil and ideal for a front garden given its compact size.

Shape: Bush / Bushy 

Flowering Month: April

Flower Colour: Pink to White

Size: Small (4m height x 3m width after 10 years)

Growing Conditions: Best planted in well-drained but moist soil. Prefer full sun, but will tolerate semi-shade

When to prune: Prune after flowering during May – July

Prunus ‘Royal Burgundy’

Prunus Royal Burgundy is a slender tree that is adorned with red leaves, making it a stand out choice from the usual green foliage. It has semi-double flowers in a pretty blush pink shade, which like the Amelanchier Robin Hill, is tolerant of clay conditions and suitable for a small/medium garden.

Shape: Standard

Flowering Month: April

Flower Colour: Dark Pink

Size: Medium (5m height x 3m width)

Growing Conditions: Best planted in well-drained soil. Prefers full sun. 

When to prune: Occasional thinning and shaping prune during the Summer months

Great for Warwickshire soil due to its clay-tolerant nature.

Prunus ‘Snow Goose’

This tree is perfect for small/medium sized gardens. The blossoms begin with a blush pink hue in the bud and transition to a pure white once open. During Autumn, the leaves shift from green to shades of orange offering interest in the garden throughout the seasons.

Shape: Upright

Flowering Month: April

Flower Colour: White

Size: Small (3m Height x 2m Width)

Growing Conditions: Best planted in well-drained soil. Prefers full sun.

When to prune: Occasional thinning and shaping prune during summer months

Great for Warwickshire soil due to its clay-tolerant nature. 

Planting advice for an early flowering tree:

Best compost to use when planting: Multipurpose with added JI 

We recommend Melcourts Sylvagrow Multipurpose with added JI 

Best time to plant: Plant trees during the Autumn and Spring when the ground isn’t frozen or too dry.

We recommend using Mycorrhizal Fungi when planting to encourage new root growth and to establish a healthy root system.  

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